Hunter Hayes Drops New Single '21' On Spotify & Switches To Digital Release Strategy

Hunter Hayes Drops New Single '21' On Spotify & Switches To Digital Release Strategy

JJJ loves Hunter Hayes a lot.

The 23-year-old country singer just made our Memorial Day weekend that much better by dropping his brand-new single, “21″ on Spotify over the weekend and we’ve been playing it non-stop!

“21″ is available on Country Radio, the iHeartRadio app and Spotify, and will be available on all digital retailers on Tuesday, May 26th.


With “21″, Hunter is planning to release all future singles digitally!

“We’re constantly looking for new ways to get music to the fans in a quicker and more exciting fashion,” Hunter shared with Billboard about the switch. “Now it’s just a matter of letting the fans speak. Change is not a bad thing — it’s a beautiful thing.”

He added about what to call his forthcoming album, “You could call this an EP, but I’m not even sure what this becomes yet. We’re going to let the fans decide.”

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